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SAY NO TO WAR … notre bouton signature

Pendant la guerre du Vietnam, Le Laos est le pays qui a été le plus bombardé de l’histoire. Les bombardements détruisant la province de Xiengkhouang au Nord Est du Laos, à la frontière du Nord Vietnam.
Des années plus tard, ses habitants ont eu l’idée de recycler les débris de bombes en cuillères, baguettes et bracelets. 

Cette initiative leur permet de générer des revenus supplémentaires, en marge d’une agriculture sous-développée en raison de la multitude de débris et mines anti personnelles toujours dans le sol.
Émus par cette initiative, nous avons décidé de collaborer activement avec les habitants pour confectionner les boutons fermoirs de nos bracelets/colliers, qui sont la signature des bijoux Lilo PARIS.

La fabrication des boutons signature et de nos bracelets joncs en métal recyclé, permet aux villageois de lutter contre la pauvreté en créant une activité économique supplémentaire.

De petites actions … mais qui impactent directement la vie des communautés locales en favorisant leur autonomie.


SAY NO TO WAR... our signature button

We aim to support some admirable cause by combining specific pieces to our accessories, using our activity as a vehicle of social good. This allows us to become active and long run players of responsible and sustainable development for communities we work alongside with. 

Lilo Paris is involved as a relay of some qualitative initiatives. We wish for our collection to be an “every day” good piece and express something meaningful. Our brand signature popped into our minds while visiting the province of Xieng khouang. We have been touched by its story: 

Laos is the most bombarded country in the world with over two million tons of unexploded ordnance dropped on during the Vietnam War, up to 30% of which failed to explode on impact.   

In many villages gathering metal restored from either Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) or the containers that enclose it, has been a significant source of income for them and one of the main causes of UXO accidents since the war ended. In the secluded village of Ban Naphia located in highland Xieng Khouang Province, metalworkers cast spoons and bracelets made from recycled aluminium sourced from Vietnam War debris and melted in an terracotta stove. 

In the 70’s few artisan families started metamorphosing war debris into spoons. 
Supported by a Swiss NGO, the project works to make the debris metal supply chain more secure for craftsmen and debris collectors by cooperating with a variety of organizations) that focus on unexploded ordnance eradication and learning. (Source: Mines Advisory Group Centre,  Phonsavan – Laos )

Moved by what we have seen, it automatically jumped into our minds that somehow, Lilo Paris would be involved as a relay of this initiative. It was obvious to us that we wished to make one detail of pieces crafted by the local Lao artisans: we are working with them to make our bracelets "closed up" button by recycling unexploded bombshells' debris. 

Lilo Paris aims to support these villagers to fight poverty by generating work. Mine clearance of the area is increasing amount of safe land for agriculture. This enables farmers to grow sufficient food or even produce surplus for sale.  

Lilo Paris bracelets close up buttons recycled from unexploded bombshell in Laos